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smart tools for smart grows

We design and engineer control technology with advanced environmental sensors and automation so you can grow quality cannabis with consistent yields.

Our products are developed using the latest in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) solutions and integration software for efficient use of resources. 

You will love the ease of use, customization tools, energy savings, environmental overviews, data tracking and production analysis, and ultimately better product.



HempTech is always improving to meet market demand and stay ahead of the competition


HempTech integration of analytic software, security systems, intelligent LED lighting, and predictive environment sensors.

Strategic PARTNerships

 HempTech partners with specialists in industries including technology software, agriculture, and security   

cultivation consulting

HempTech provides resources for growing cannabis for legal, licensed operations of any size


Our products

smart technology 

We provide innovative tools for any size garden. 


We specialize in automation technology and integration of hardware and software, Energy Optimization and Smart Solutions for Commercial Cultivation.


Our exclusive Cognetix™ Controlled Environment product line is engineered with advanced sensors, logic controllers and visualization software. 


Grow Droid

all-inclusive Plug 'n play production environment


The revolutionary grow.droid™ system makes growing accessible for people of all backgrounds to grow their own green. 

HempTech designed the grow.droid™ to be the master grower. It is an on site supervisor for a small to medium sized grow operation, engineered for accurate environmental control, and can be customized to grow specific strains, operate in different climates, or automate your favorite/alternative growing techniques. 

A larger model is now  in development for growing in modular, mobile, stackable shipping containers. 


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