We provide State-of-the-Art Hemp Farming Technologies

Flowering Hemp

Hemp Farming Depicted on the 1914 Ten Dollar Bill

Make Hemp Farming Possible

Implementing new technologies for cannabis growth

 HempTech, a subsidiary of Infrax Systems, is a technology division catered to the industrial Hemp market and legal medical marijuana. HempTech provides smart sensors and data analysis technology, RFID tracking systems, communication networks, and surveillance security.

Research & development

The Future of Cannabis

HempTech is always looking for ways to improve the Hemp industry

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Technologies & partnering

Always Expanding

HempTech is consistently looking for new partners to improve our services

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Quality Hemp Products

Quality Hemp Products

HempTech plans to start offering a wide variety of Hemp products

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Local Hemp Seeds

 Localy Grown Hemp Seeds

HempTech will offer locally grown hemp seeds for use in a wide range of products

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