our mission

HempTech’s mission is to serve the cannabis industry - medical marijuana, legal adult markets and the future of industrial hemp - by providing advanced technologies and cultivation tools to any sized grower.



HempTech Corp (OTC PINK: HTCO), is a technology company providing specialized solutions for cultivating cannabis.

We design and engineer intelligent, efficient, industrial-grade products using process control techniques, advanced environment sensors, data aggregation, visualization software and security solutions.

Our goal is to provide industrial-grade quality, making it possible for growers to compete in the emerging markets or simply to grow their own high quality product.

Our values

What we bring to the space

Efficiency – Streamline operations and simplify process controls

Sustainability – Optimize resources and ensure long-term profitability

Adaptability – Continue to evolve best practices as the industry advances

Innovation – Engineer the best products and services for growers

Industry – Support the success of cannabis and hemp based markets

We believe in the future of technology and nature working together in harmony toward quality agri-culture.


Executive Management

Sam Talari

       Acting CEO & Chair

John Verghese

        Chief Operating Officer

Engineering & Technology

Kevin Defant

        Director of engineering 

Terry N. Gardner

         VP of Engineering

Communications & Marketing

Cortney Kendall

        marketing manager

Olga Krynina

        Brand Manager

Technical Support


Questions about our Products or Services?

Call 727-474-1810 or Email   

Included in Product Sales:

- Installation & Training

- Product Manuals & Instructions

- Troubleshooting & Technical Support

- Product Warranty or Grow.droid Guarantee



How many plants can I grow?

grow.droid tent = 16 plants 

grow.droid container = 48 plants

Do you have solar or other green lighting options?

We are working on testing different energy efficient upgrades. Right now we use LED lights for all-in-one or integrated systems, but look forward to integrating more renewable sources into the lighting.

How long do you guarantee the products?

1 year full warranty and low price warranties available for up to 5 years on most products.

What does grow.droid do?

Grows the plants according to the set parameters for water, nutrient dosing, lighting, pH, temperature, and all other environmental conditions for all-inclusive automation.

How does it get installed?

Your local distributor will work with you to install the system in your location. If you do not have a local distributor, we can send a sales engineer out to you.

How long does it take?

It only takes a day to install a grow.droid. For other GrowComm products and services it depends on many factors including size and location. 

How much does it cost?

Check with a sales consultant in your area for detailed information on specific products and services

How long does it take to get a return on my investment?

The ROI is less than 12 months when used for growing cannabis products.  

What if I have technical issues?

You will be supported by one of our technical geniuses, just call us 727-474-1810 or check with your local distributor.

What if I only need some of the equipment or technology?

We can work with your goals and find out what the best options are for your situation. Just let us know.

Can I upgrade to a larger space later?

Yes, absolutely. Technology is scaleable and can grow with you!

Do you have a demo I can see?

We have demos with our distributors in local markets, check us out on social media too as more is posted!

GrowCOMM™ automation
facility can be scaled and
customized to address the
needs of small as well as large multi-facility indoor growers.

Stand behind the product,
available for support and work with the customer to improve and increase the yield to meet market demand and stay ahead of the competition

Dedicated resource to design
the grow facility based on
individual requirements and


Our expertise is in industrial automation - which provides more precise control and profiling.

From property development to installing grow systems and computer automation, GrowCOMM™ provides advanced professional services to bring the facility on line.

GrowCOMM™ can provide the design, engineering solutions, automation and expertise to create a successful and cost effective project and maximize their clients ROI.


Total Project Management from site selection to first harvest


Site selection, evaluation and design


Planning and Zoning consulting


Building or greenhouse specification


Utility, Electrical and water specification and design


Lighting systems grow.droid based Grow systems design and implementation


Lighting systems grow.droid based Grow systems
design and implementation


Environmental systems design, HVAC, dehumidifiers


Advanced security systems for indoor and outdoor facilities


Seed To Sell Asset Management


Total computer control integration


Turnkey design and build of complete facilities

GrowCOMM™ products

GrowCOMM™ integrates HempTech Corp products as well as major 3rd party partners to establish a complete integrated and engineered production facility providing project cost estimates and feasibility studies for projects ranging from Greenfield construction to converting current operations to automated cultivation.


Disclaimer: We provide state of the art technology and agricultural equipment only for legal operations. We do not condone or endorse anyone growing or selling marijuana or operating at all outside compliance in the regulated market. We will provide advice on technology and growing techniques but cannot guarantee results and will not be liable for content.