Cognetix™ is an controlled environment software platform providing full integration and automation of the grow operation. Although specifically designed for the cannabis grow industry, this is a customizable and scalable software available for industrial sized agriculture operations. The system profiles are set to optimize the production and yield and the historical data ensure its repetitiveness.

data aggregation

Know Your Grow with real-time and historical data and analytical records for your grow cycles. 

Input strain profiles or grow technique preferences and save for custom growing cycles. 

Your energy use, water use, and all records of cycle data are available to view and save for future reference.

Grow with confidence

Our technologies give you the peace of mind to leave your garden and know it will be in the same condition as when you left.

The integration of hardware and software for grow automation cuts out significant worry and cost. The labor requirement is severed, the peace of mind is amplified.

As a master grower or a operations manager, you will appreciate the synergy created by nature and technology in harmony.

Call or email us for information about how to grow with confidence and be more competitive in the emerging markets.

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