A few years ago, HempTech started with a few entrepreneurs and engineers bringing together their ideas and experience across sectors of business and technology, meeting enthusiastically at the crossroads of the explosive legal cannabis industry. We now have a growing group of people who are passionate about this industry and the cultivation technology to help growers compete in an increasingly regulated (legal) market.


We would like to officially welcome to the team, Shawna Canady, an experienced Executive Assistant with a rich variety of technical skills and administrative support for our growing operations. Shawna has been a great help to us already in just a few weeks with her exceptional organization skills.

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HempTech Corp Trades under Ticker Symbol HTCO

We are now in the process of filing with Securities and Exchange Commission to become a fully reporting company in the next few weeks.

The company will also be releasing announcements on major contracts and joint ventures in the works. We are working hard to create synergy and mutually beneficial endeavors in such an exciting industry...

Press Release 4/28/2016


"This is the smallest this market will ever be."

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We are getting excited about the Marijuana Business Daily's Spring Conference in Orlando in a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing the Exhibitors in the Expo Hall and networking with industry leaders. #MJBizCon

Here is a visual model for the touchscreen HMI on the Control Cabinet to give a good idea of all the equipment included in our new plug 'n play production room.

This overview shows the grower/owner/manager exactly how the plants and environment are doing without having to open or enter their environment.

The system comes with pre-programmed automation instructions for growing standard marijuana cycle. You can create your own GrowFile to customize a cycle's profile to a specific strain or growing technique.


grow.droid HMI screen view of environmental conditions and cycle info

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Things are moving quickly now, we have our spot lined up for the grow.droid demo going to the west coast for promotion to the grow community in California. We are completing beta testing the new profiling feature this week and then we'll be packing up and preparing for shipment next week.

The 5x5 grow.droid set up in the warehouse continues to produce tomatoes. The 10x10 tent (grow.droid I model) soon to be in California will be the first of its kind to grow marijuana using automation technology.

We will get it set up and recording all progress so viewers can see the grow remotely. We are looking to work out any potential bugs or issues with this cycle so we can solidify the 'plug n play' ease of use for buyers.

Now the fun part begins...


Testing the hardware and electrical connections

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